Author: Buladelah Uniting Church

The Resurrection

The Resurrection The most essential and corner stone doctrine to our faith is not the cross, neither is it the understanding of the trinity. It is the resurrection of Jesus. We don’t need reminding, that if the resurrection had not occurred, or if it is proved it did not occur, Simply, our faith would all […]

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What makes us come here every Sunday, and meet here in this room and listen to the words of God together and worship Christ as a church? Can we not do the same at home alone by ourselves? I’ll tell you why, because of our Fellowship. In Christ’s own words, and in a prayer to […]

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The Trinity

God, The father, the Spirit and the Son. Three persons in one. The word trinity does not appear in the bible. However, the Trinity doctrine is a key and central part of our faith in God. It is impossible to be a Christian without professing our belief in the triune nature of our God. It […]

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